What is the most important natural health product

August 25, 2011

Researching natural health products on the internet has been a interest of The Wise Old Owl for many years and I spend several hours every day following international developments and research results in this field. There is a huge range of products and the science or research behind them varies tremendously. From sound medically based and approved trials to real scam or antedotal results. Often there are very conflicting results or views and for the average consumer it is difficult to sort the wheat from the straw. For me to accept a natural health product has a beneficial effect I have to see a substantial number of well designed and operated trials carried out over a number of years that show significant positive results in the vast majority of cases (not necessarily every case).
Running in parallel with this research must be reliable toxicity work to prove product safety.
Once we are at that stage I am really interested and would recommend the product. However before it will get full consumer acceptance it must be accepted by health professionals and recommended by them. That final stage can take many years.
The product that I believe fits this development perfectly and is my current choice for the most important natural health product in the world is Omega 3. This product was researched widely for many years and a large body of reliable results showing positive effects on both heart and brain was available some 8 years ago but consumer acceptance was relatively low. However about that time some health professionals supported it’s use and over the last 8 years this medical acceptance has grown along with comsumer use, both growing rapidly every year.
Additional research has reinforced the early conclusions and come up with a number of additional benefits and listing all the benefits is the subject of a separate blog. Suffice to say I believe that everyone should be taking this product other than those who eat fish several times a week. An exercise I did to try and convert the benefits as shown by research into actual health benefits showed in dollar terms it would pay all health insurers very substantially to provide all their clients with free Omega 3. Which means to the individual taking Omega 3 is the cheapest health insurance they could find.


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